Monday, January 14, 2013

Divisional Round Playoffs

The two first games of the weekend set a high standard that the second two may be hard pressed to beat, but before I get into the recap of Saturday's games, here's how I picked this weekend's games:

  • Baltimore at Denver - Baltimore is very fired up to avenge the loss to Denver earlier when they were missing many of their key players. They will find a way to win out over the Broncos.
    • Ravens 38, Broncos 35. this one will go down in the books as one of the most exciting games of the year. 
  • Packers at San Francisco - Even though Colin Kaepernick is still a largely untried QB, his abilities and poise will help the Niners to a win.
    • Kaepernick showed all the doubters why Harbaugh had so much faith in him. While the early game stayed close, the Niners just plain obliterated the Packers in the late game.
  • Seattle at Atlanta - I have to believe that the over-rated Falcons will lose this game to the very hot Seahawks
    • While the Falcons managed to win this one, it very nearly went the other way as they lost a 20-point lead and barely recovered.
  • Houston at New England. While the Texans could possibly pull of an upset, I really don't see it happening, especially since the Texans have not played well in recent weeks.
    • The Texans  just plain fell apart, though they put up a good show early on - they just could not answer Brady and their play was just not very solid.
So, the Falcons will host the Niners next Sunday in the early game and Baltimore will reprise their trip to New England for the late game. 

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