Monday, February 11, 2013

Flacco Procreation

So, if Joe Flacco and his wife announced that they were expecting their first child right after the Ravens won against the 49er's on Thanksgiving, 2011, and have now announced, just after the Ravens beat the Niners in the Super Bowl, that number two is on the way, does this mean a third child will have to wait until after 2014, since the Ravens and the 49ers won't meet during this coming season?

Reactions to the Denver Loss to the Ravens

A guy on a Ravens forum noted that the crowd leaving after the Denver loss was extremely quiet, and described it as "much like I would imagine a zombie apocalypse would be." LOL! I can imagine....

My Bronocs-loving nephew went into a full-blown melt-down during the game, all of which he texted to my hubby the whole time - it made for an entertaining few hours.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Divisional Round Playoffs

The two first games of the weekend set a high standard that the second two may be hard pressed to beat, but before I get into the recap of Saturday's games, here's how I picked this weekend's games:

  • Baltimore at Denver - Baltimore is very fired up to avenge the loss to Denver earlier when they were missing many of their key players. They will find a way to win out over the Broncos.
    • Ravens 38, Broncos 35. this one will go down in the books as one of the most exciting games of the year. 
  • Packers at San Francisco - Even though Colin Kaepernick is still a largely untried QB, his abilities and poise will help the Niners to a win.
    • Kaepernick showed all the doubters why Harbaugh had so much faith in him. While the early game stayed close, the Niners just plain obliterated the Packers in the late game.
  • Seattle at Atlanta - I have to believe that the over-rated Falcons will lose this game to the very hot Seahawks
    • While the Falcons managed to win this one, it very nearly went the other way as they lost a 20-point lead and barely recovered.
  • Houston at New England. While the Texans could possibly pull of an upset, I really don't see it happening, especially since the Texans have not played well in recent weeks.
    • The Texans  just plain fell apart, though they put up a good show early on - they just could not answer Brady and their play was just not very solid.
So, the Falcons will host the Niners next Sunday in the early game and Baltimore will reprise their trip to New England for the late game. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jovan Belcher and Josh Brent - More Information Emerges

When the story first broke of Jovan Blecher's suicide after killing his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, very few details were available, and many potential reasons for the tragedy were put forth. In the weeks since, many more details have come to light, painting the relationship as one very much in trouble.

Belcher apparently had an up and down relationship with his baby mama, and was involved in some fashion with another woman, with whom he had spent some hours on the Friday night prior. Kasandra was also out and about that night with friends. While Belcher claimed that the woman as his girlfriend, she denied that status when questioned. Numerous sources mentioned that Belcher and Perkins fought often, several suggesting that they fought mostly about her spending habits. One way or another, it has come to light that this was a very unhappy relationship and it appears that neither side can be said to be a truly innocent party. But no level of disharmony can justify the actions that Belcher took in ending Perkins' life.

A week later, we heard about the drunk driving accident that took the life of Cowboy Jerry Brown and the arrest of his teammate Josh Brent on charges of intoxication manslaughter. Though Jerry's family holds Brent blameless, an eyewitness to the accident revealed that Brent was very reluctant to come to the aid of his dying friend still in the car. Not a pretty picture to paint at all.

Invariably, we hear more about the troubles, both on and off field, of the players, than we ever do about the more uplifting attributes they may possess. While many players do strive to be worthy role models, far too many in the league today are not and though it would be nice to see such a change, it is far from likely as long as we like to see aggressive games being playd.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reflections on Week 15

Lots of folks were calling this past week a Statement Week, mostly due to the fact that many of the games would end up defining which teams would be going into the post-season as many of the match-ups were between teams with winning records. For those teams which lost, post-game comments tended to be rather low-key, as if the teams in question simply accepted that some days, the game just won't go their way. Have these teams become willing to just accept their losses without passion? Though we often talk about perfection, we seem to be all too willing to accept that something far short of that mark is still OK. Is it really?

The CEO of my company spoke briefly about perfection in a meeting today, stressing that while many of us may feel that doing an adequate job is enough, we still look for perfection in others' work, using as an example our expectations for the crew of an airliner to do their jobs perfectly as we get ready to board a plane. Being less than stellar at their jobs is not an option for an airline's crew - why should it be for any other type of work?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Picking strategies

As a typical season progresses in the NFL, the way I choose winners each week changes slightly. In the early games, I have to rely mostly on scouting reports and the potential of various teams, but as the season winds down, there's a lot more data available on the teams to help make the picks. There is still, however, potential on any given Sunday for an upset to occur.

This was the first year for me to play in a pick-em league and it's been quite a learning curve. Last year, my hubby ended up in first place and he may do so again this year, but it won't be as easy a road to victory this time as our league has gotten much better in their picks - I'll be lucky to finish above the halfway mark against these guys.

Like most football fans, I do have my favorite teams, as well as those teams that I just plain don't like, but the rule for making my picks is always which team I think will win rather than which one I want to win.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 15 Predictions

Week 15 and it's really starting to get interesting as we get closer to the season end.

Here's how I see the games emerging this week, with my picks in bold.

  • Bengals at Philadelphia: this one could go either way, but the Bengals should win out.
    • The Bengals took an early lead, lost it briefly before the half, and then came back strong in the late third quarter to blow the hapless Eagles out of the water completely, 34-13.
  • Giants at Atlanta: The Falcons have been exposed a bit and the Giants should be able to capitalize on the weaknesses.
    • So much for that idea - the Giants were totally shut out, 34-0.
  • Broncos at Baltimore: With a lot of changes this week in Baltimore after dumping OC Cam Cameron, the Ravens are looking to prove they made the right decision. It will probably be a close game, but I think the Ravens will squeak by with a win.
    • Ravens fans who were hoping to see an improved offense with Cam Cameron out of the picture were very disappointed as the Broncos dominated them, 34-17. The Ravens defense played well, but there were just too many mistakes by the offense.
  • Packers at Chicago: the Bears have issues these days and may be missing Jay Cutler under center. I expect the Pack to win.
    • Packers take the win, 21-13
  • Redskins at Browns: This could well be an upset as the Browns have been playing quite well and Washington may be without RGIII on the field.
    • Though Cleveland played well, they couldn't stop the Skins, who won with their backup QB at the helm, 38-21.
  • Colts at Houston: Depending on well Houston recovers from the short week, they may be in trouble from Luck and the gang from Indy. However, I don't think Houston will lost at home.
    • Houston dominated the game, though Indy gave it a good shot in the late game, 29-17.
  • Jaguars at Miami: The Jags have yet to win consistently though they have come close a few times. Miami should win without too much trouble.
    • Miami won this one handily, 24-3.
  • Bucs at New Orleans: Though the Bucs have been playing a bit better in recent weeks, they won't be able to stop the Saints defense.
    • New Orleans never let the Bucs near the scoreboard, win a 41-0 win.
  • Vikings at St. Louis: I don't usually pick against the Rams at home, and I don't think the Vikings offense will be able to do much against the Rams D.
    • The Rams were barely in this game, and the Vikings were much stronger than expected, in a 36-22 win and a shot at the playoffs.
  • Lions at Arizona: this is one game that the Lions should be able to win.
    • Figures that the Lions manage to lose to the Cardinals, 38-10.
  • Seahawks at Buffalo: Sorry, Bills, this isn't likely to go your way. While an upset is possible, I don't consider it likely.
    • Another Seahawks game, another win, this one at 50-17.
  • Panthers at San Diego: Though the Panthers played a great game last week, I think the Chargers will win this one, though it may be close.
    • Panthers took this one easily, 31-7, win a lead the entire game.
  • Steelers at Dallas: The Steelers need a win, but Dallas isn't going to be an easy place to get one. Probably close but I think Dallas wins.
    • A close game all the way through, the Cowboys won in overtime when Big Ben threw an interception, 27-24, dropping the Steelers to third in the AFC North and clinching a playoff spot for the Ravens.
  • Chiefs at Oakland: The Raiders may be a bad team this year, but the Chiefs are worse.
    • Oakland holds the Chiefs scoreless, winning with 5 field goals in a 15-0 victory.
  • 49ers at New England: This one will probably be a lot closer than the trouncing that the Pats gave Houston last week, but it's December in Foxborough.
    • Easily the most exciting game of the weekend, Colin Kaepernick outplayed the Pats and took the win, 41-34. 
  • Jets at Tennesee: Toss-up game, but the Jets will probably win.
    • Pitiful performance by Mark Sanchez of the Jets led to a 14-10 loss against the Titans. Despite a ridiculous number of penalties against the Titans, the Jets could not take advantage. Pathetic performance by both teams.